Last weekend, with temperatures in the sixties, spring finally said “I’m here”!  Cat, Diana and Diana’s mom packed up their cars with tools, seedling, fencing, and bags of soil amendment and headed over to the HarvestShare donation garden, a 300 square foot plot located in an unassuming backyard near the intersection of Bel Pre and Laytonsville Rd. This growing space is one of four that have been made accessible to gardeners at no charge by the gracious property owners. Any who use the property are asked to be good stewards of the land and respect all who garden there. Wouldn’t this be a great model for homeowners who are not interested in maintaining a lawn and gardeners with no access to suitable land?

There is plenty of room to expand this garden but we’re currently limited by funding and volunteer power. Anything grown here will be harvested and shared with those facing food insecurity. Interested in helping out? It’s a great way to get your hands dirty, learn with us as we figure out what can be grown and how much we will be able to donate. The kinship with fellow gardeners and the sense of community that develops while working towards a common goal certainly provides a much needed  respite from Covid containment. 

Even though we are working outdoors, we allow for social distancing when we can and ask at this time, that you always wear a mask. Volunteer with us!

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