A huge Thank You to all the participants in our May seedling event. Despite horrendous weather the first weekend of the Seed Share, which included blasts of high winds, pounding hail, and torrential downpours, our devoted donors came out to share their spectacular vegetable and herb plants. I won’t call these donations starts as we had cucumbers and peppers that were already flowering and 24-inch-tall tomatoes!  For our second event, held at Wootton High School, we had beautiful weather and, with Covid restrictions recently lifted, many donors and growers stuck around to talk shop about all things garden. With donations from individuals as well as leftover plants from two different community plant sales, we were able to share the following number of plants and exceed our expectations:

500 plants to individual backyard or community gardeners who in turn will plant in their gardens and donate the surplus to HarvestShare

50 plants to 2 gardens who grow only to donate to HarvestShare

100 large peppers and tomatoes to a county farm who has pledged to grow-to-donate

150 to Homestead, Hustle & Healing’s MoCo Grows project to be shared with food insecure residents of the county

50 plants to a MoCo Senior Center garden to share and fill a grow-to-donate plot 

36 plants to Plantita Power, an organization that strives to provide access to quality food and sustainable living among marginalized communities

36 plants to MCPS Street Outreach Network, a program that works with at-risk youth through positive youth development

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