Links to Recorded Gardening Talks

Anything You Want to Ask About Vegetable Gardening?
Not sure what’s made those holes in your beans? Why did your squash look beautiful yesterday but dead today? What’s the best attack for [insert nemesis weed name]? Join us for a Q&A with a panel 4 Maryland Master Gardeners.

Hot Enough For You? Vegetable Gardening in Summer Heat
It may be so hot you don’t want to go outside, but your garden still needs you! Learn how to reduce stress on your plants and on yourself, and keep your garden healthy and productive through the summer. Master Gardener Erica Smith will guide you through heat-related vegetable garden problems and how to fix them. Settle in with a fan and a cool drink, and join us!

Planning Your Fall Vegetable Garden
Your harvest doesn’t stop with the end of summer! Cold-hardy fall vegetables are fun to grow, delicious and nutritious, and a great way to use your garden space after the tomatoes have given up, but you have to start thinking about them now. Yes, in July! Erica will explain what you can grow, when to plant, and how to plan the transition between seasons.
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To squish or not to squish?
An overview of insects in the garden by Master Gardener Pat Lynch with tips for growing different pest-prone vegetables and some fantastic resources.
View the slides.

Amazing Super Productive Summer Vegetables
Join Master Gardener Terri Valenti to learn how to grow your best summer veggies!
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