In Search of HarvestShare Helpers

Do you have a few minutes to post an announcement on your neighborhood forum?   Are you able to pick up a donated cooler or garden tools? Are you interested in helping out with one of our community outreach projects? If your answer is “yes”, then you’re immediately hired as a HarvestShare Helper! It’s a no-paying job that will bring you an immense sense of accomplishment, introduce you to some wonderful people and make you a part of our neighbor-helping-neighbor community.  Since we are an all volunteer organization, we are limited by our manpower (and finances of course). There are always items on our to-do list and we’re looking for people who can help out. Here are a few things we need Helpers to do:

  •  Locate and pick up medium to large sized coolers in good interior condition that  can be used for summer produce collection at various site
  • Procure gently-used garden tools for the HarvestShare garden; Leafgro, garden soil and wood chips accepted too
  • Help plan, plant, weed, water and harvest at the HS garden in Glenmont

To sign up go the Volunteer page, check “HarvestShare Helper” under How you want to help and tell us what you’re interested in. Thank you!

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