With food insecurity currently on the rise, and our food system being tested in several ways, innovative projects like [HarvestShare] are more important than ever. As our community collectively works toward a more resilient food system, we look forward to supporting and being helpful of the critical work HarvestShare is doing.

-Susan Kornacki, Montgomery County Food Council

HarvestShare provides items such as peppers and herbs that help take a simple bag of rice and dried beans and really create a meal that a family will enjoy. These herbs and peppers are often not available at the Food Bank or through any other donations so their partnership is essential and so influential in providing delicious complete meals with fresh flavor straight from local farms. 

-Lindsay Wise, Gaithersburg CARES

We are all indebted to you for establishing the HarvestShare program which enabled us to channel good, fresh produce to those in need. It gives me a great feeling to be part of such an important endeavor!

-Ellen, produce donor

One of the most satisfying parts of HarvestShare for me is seeing where the food goes, having a volunteer comment on how appreciative clients are for the fresh herbs and veggies and knowing that we always have the very freshest produce to share.

-Cat, HarvestShare founder

What a good organization!  As a gleaner, I’m grateful for people who take the lead so that others can follow and be part of the generosity and compassion.

-Geri, volunteer