HarvestShare offers a variety of opportunities for gardening education from in-person workshops to virtual talks to help you, our growing community, be better gardeners.

Grow with Us Educational Events 2024

Seedling Share and Open Garden
Come out to our Potomac Giving Garden for seedlings and to tour the gardens.
6/12Yikes, it’s June! What can I plant now?
Oh no, it’s already June! Join us online to learn what you can still plant in your garden at this time of year. Let’s get growing!




HarvestShare 2024 Kickoff:
Make 2024 Your Most Productive Growing Season Ever!
Join us for our annual season kickoff event with special guest speakers, landscape designer and lecturer, Sherry Russell of Russell Design Workshop and Pat Drumming, Executive Director at Rainbow CDC.
2/3/242024 Seed Share
Dreaming of spring? HarvestShare is offering free seeds and food gardening information to help you kickstart your garden planning. Visit and learn from our gardening focused demo tables and select from hundreds of free seed varieties to take home with you.
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10/11/23Looking Back to Grow Forward
Join us for our season wrap-up with local gardening experts and special guests Keegan Clifford and Kathy Jentz. We’ll talk about the ups and downs of the season and what we learned.
Worm Bin Composting
Discover the secrets of creating your very own worm bin and turning kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich compost for your plants. Montgomery County’s Food Scraps Recycling Manager, Kathy Vasquez, will teach you the ins and outs of this environmentally friendly kitchen waste solution.
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Giving Garden Open Gardens
Come visit our giving garden in Potomac. Learn about how the project came to be and see what we’re growing. Meet HarvestShare team members and leave inspired to start a garden in your own community! 10301 Woodford Rd, Potomac
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6/24/23Mushroom Growing Workshop
Curious about how to grow edible mushrooms? Learn how from “The Mushroom Guy”, Tom Mulczynski. In this hands-on workshop, he’ll show you how to get and use spawn and grow three kinds of mushrooms, on logs, in straw, and in mulch beds. You’ll make and take home your own bag of mushroom straw to grow your own! $45 per person. Proceeds will support HarvestShare programs.
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6/14/23The Pest Management Toolbox
We plan what seeds we want, our companion planting, and what we’ll make with our harvest. Let’s get ahead of pest management by stocking our toolbox. What should you have on hand so you aren’t spending your garden time going to the store or searching online for controls? And which controls work on which insects? Don’t worry, HarvestShare team member Dara Ballow-Giffen, will take a moment to review how to determine what insects you have and then practice our insect ID skills together!
5/10/23Container Gardening for the Food Gardener
      Whether you’re looking to downsize from your in-ground beds or expand your growing space, this talk will teach you what you need to know about food gardening in containers. Presented by HarvestShare’s founder and executive director, Cat Kahn!
4/12/23HarvestShare 2023 Kick-Off
Join the HarvestShare team to kick off the new season! Guest speaker, Montgomery County Master Gardener Meipo Martin, will talk about all the things she wish she knew as a novice gardener. This talk will not be recorded, so make time in your schedule to attend live!
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10/12/22Looking Back to Grow Forward
What worked? What didn’t? Best new addition? Garden mistake you’d never share in a public talk? Hear from some gardening friends about their 2022 season.
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9/14/22Wrapping Up the Growing Season
Get the garden ready for winter!
8/10/22Seed Saving Basics & Considerations
Learn how to save seeds from your own garden and beyond! Missy Corley will discuss basic principles of seed saving, pitfalls to watch out for and other considerations.
7/13/22So What Now?
Flea beetles attacked your eggplant. You didn’t end up with zucchini to share. What now? How to move forward when the garden doesn’t grow as expected?
6/8/22Extending the Harvest!
Season extending tips and tricks to get more from your vegetable garden throughout the year!
5/11/22Grow Edibles in Containers
Growing edibles in containers is flexible, less work and very productive. We’ll show you how!
4/6/22Increase Your Yield
Increase your vegetable garden’s yield with planning, planting and cultivation techniques!
3/9/22HarvestShare 2022 Kick-Off
Tempitope Fajingbesi will inspire us with her Opening Remarks about what it means to support our community. Followed by Keegan Clifford on how he implements the high intensity, succession and companion planting methods that help him create huge yields from his small raised-bed gardens.

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