Each month, HarvestShare offers a gardening talk to help you, our growing community, be better gardeners.

Grow with Us Talks

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3/9 HarvestShare 2022 Kick-Off
Tempitope Fajingbesi will inspire us with her Opening Remarks about what it means to support our community. Followed by Keegan Clifford on how he implements the high intensity, succession and companion planting methods that help him create huge yields from his small raised-bed gardens.
4/6 Increase Your Yield
Increase your vegetable garden’s yield with planning, planting and cultivation techniques!
5/11 Grow Edibles in Containers
Growing edibles in containers is flexible, less work and very productive. We’ll show you how!
6/8 Extending the Harvest!
Season extending tips and tricks to get more from your vegetable garden throughout the year!
7/13 So What Now?
Flea beetles attacked your eggplant. You didn’t end up with zucchini to share. What now? How to move forward when the garden doesn’t grow as expected?
8/10 Seed Saving Basics & Considerations
Learn how to save seeds from your own garden and beyond! Missy Corley will discuss basic principles of seed saving, pitfalls to watch out for and other considerations.
9/14 Wrapping Up the Growing Season
Get the garden ready for winter!
10/12 Looking Back to Grow Forward
What worked? What didn’t? Best new addition? Garden mistake you’d never share in a public talk? Hear from some gardening friends about their 2022 season.
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