Collection Sites

Summer 2024

Is your garden abundance surpassing your appetite? Did you grow extra plants or beds to donate? We’re here to help share your delicious and nutritious home-grown produce in our community. For 2024, we have 2 paths depending on the type of grower.

For community gardens and growing facilities:

Please complete our Harvest Report and deliver directly to the Food Assistance Provider you’ve been paired with. The form is quick and easy to use and helps up show what we share with our neighbors in need. If you aren’t clear on your partner FAP, please reach out to us at

For individual/back yard gardeners:

We have partnered with Fresh Food Connect to help you identify the closest Food Assistance Provider. Please download the app for your Apple or Android phone and it will identify the locations closest to you for your produce donation. Not only does it provide details like drop off time and helpful directions, it also provides a running total of all that you have donated this year!



Interested in making a monetary donation? 

Click here to support our all-volunteer organization which is committed to reducing food insecurity in our county.

Harvest produce as close to donation date as possible. Place harvest in clean bags, boxes or clamshells and label with the produce name and harvest date. Please do not wash produce or separate it into individual portions.

Produce purchased from stores, farmers markets and CSAs can also be donated.

HarvestShare works with food assistance providers throughout the county. Collection sites are matched to food assistance providers based on location and collection date. We strive to keep produce close to the communities where it was grown.

See the specific organizations we support on the Who We Support page!