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Growing To Support Community

Our all-volunteer organization asks MoCo residential and community gardeners to grow a little more in their gardens and donate the surplus produce to local food pantries.

HarvestShare believes that by pooling small individual donations together, we can have a big impact on reducing food insecurity, bringing fresh, healthy food to our neighbors in need.

We also support current food gardeners with monthly gardening talks and no cost seedlings during the growing season. Our outreach program, Growing Healthy Futures, provides selected  community groups with the gardening education and  growing materials needed to produce some of their own food.

About HarvestShare

How it Works

Growers and donors are asked to drop their surplus produce off at designated collection sites where volunteer drivers will pick it up for distribution to food assistance providers throughout the county. Our goal is to have this collected produce redistributed within 24 hours, keeping the fruits and vegetables amazingly fresh.

Produce collection will runs from July through October.

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How to Get Involved

Neighborhoods, community gardens, places of worship, clubs and organizations are encouraged to set up their own collection sites and schedules and HarvestShare will link them with a local organization for distribution to those in need.

Monetary donations keep our program running and support community outreach programs that teach low-income residents how to grow some of their own food, sharing  the growing and educational materials needed to do so. All donations are tax deductible.


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